ZEye Grid

Optical System for the Detection of Engine Revolutions

Zinformatica developed ZEye Grid in 2017. ZEye Grid is the optimal system for the detection of engines (optical system for the detection of engine revolutions).

ZEye Grid is a solution based on an optical system capable of displaying the revolutions of the engine compartments through the holes of the grid.
So it determines the speed of the engine revolutions.

Our case history
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An absolute novelty in the industry

ZEye Grid is an innovative solution. The only one of its kind created in the world for technology and reliability.

The ZEye Grid solution solves a long-standing problem for manufacturers and testers of electric motors: knowing the speed of the engine.

ZEye Grid simplifies data display  even on big engines where contact is not possible.
It is also useful during final testing  as the test bench is not polluted.

ZEye Grid is a compact solution that can be installed on any test bench.

But it’s not over yet, Zinformatica has developed Iotar solutions. System to collect data from Zeye Grid to be analyzed and historicized.


Use of solid and reliable technologies.


Continuous research and technological innovation.


Meeting the customer’s needs is the no. 1 priority.

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Who is ZInformatica?

Zinformatica is a young and small Italian IT company founded in 2007.

Zinformatica provides IT services that go beyond customer expectations, maintaining a high standard of excellence.

ZInformatica provides services that make it possible to introduce fast, reliable and quality products on the market.
ZInformatica works with companies in all sectors where embedded and real-time technologies can be applied (consumer electronics, industrial automation, automotive, home automation, robotics, etc.).

ZInformatica started operating in the early 2000s in an embedded environment. The first products were developed for Windows CE, from version 2.12 up to the Windows Embedded CE 6 release.
Then ZInformatica moves on to products for XP embedded and Standard 7.

ZInformatica has contributed to the development of several products in ta variety of fields of application of Embedded technologies (logic, motion, vision).

ZInformatica develops products for PLC, SCADA and PC used in industrial automation systems designed for manufacturing plants, processing machines and prototypes.

ZInformatica has also developed several autonomous machine- control systems via PLC (mainly with Beckhoff, but also Siemens) integrated with HMI through TwinCAT v.2 and 3).

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