Zeyegrid for gearboxes

Zinformatica is an IT company founded in 2007, it offers to entreprises that operates in the consumer electronics, industrial automation, domotics and robotics sectors and in all sectors where embedded technologies can be applied. Zinformatica provides excellent IT services that allow to introduce reliable and quality products on the market.

Zinformatica has supplied to an important company leader in the realization of reducers, the ZeyeGrid product that is an innovative and simple quality control system for the gearboxes. The customer wants to satisfy the needs of the industrial, mobile and automation sector, but it nedded for a leaner method to automate the quality certification system. Zeyegrid uses an optical system to count accourately engine revs looking through the grille holes. So a cut was given to the control systems based on uncomfortable even complex encoders to be inserted in the shaft of medium or large motors. The end result was that the customer could control and monitor the entire range of gearboxes through a convenient light tool, small and easy to use

Customer benefits

  • ZeyeGrid helped the customer improve their production capabilites.
  • Improvement of the product quality by eliminating process variables
  • Increased control capacity by simplifying work for operators
  • Decrease in labor costs
  • Improvement of working conditions


  • Beckhoff e Keyence